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Internal SEO tips that you should know

take the necessary measures to improve the performance of internal SEO, because asexternal SEOis very important, internal SEO is very important. It is also important and can affect the success or failure of businesses and sites.

What is internal SEO?

All the necessary actions that are done inside the site and are related to internal coding are calledinternal SEO. Internal SEO, like external SEO, has an effect on having better rankings in search results. SEO has two parts:- External SEO - Internal SEOMost web designers or business owners focus on external SEO and performance improvement and sometimes forget about internal SEO. Internal SEO is related to all the points inside the site and the site coding, it is possible that a site has a betterexternal SEO, but due to not paying attention to the internal coding, the internal SEO of the site will also destroy the external SEO, which is why We must not forget to pay attention to both external and internal SEO and take the necessary measures to improve their performance.

The important points that should be considered in internal SEO are as follows:

- Content Title:

In order toimprove internal SEO, we must write a unique and non-duplicate title and title for each content that also includes keywords. Content titles should include keywords to make it easier and faster to find results when searching. The title of the content has a special and strong point, and writing a keyword in it makes it easier and faster to appear in search results.

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- Meta-descriptions:

Meta-descriptions are short descriptions that contain keywords and in 160 letters to the Google search engine explains what this content is about to give special points when searching and indexing Google content. According to the new algorithms of Google search engine, special attention is paid to the meta descriptions of each content, and if the Google search engine does not find a connection between the content and the meta description, it will spam the content and the page. Therefore, meta description is very important and toimprove the performance of internal SEO, the insertion of meta description should not be forgotten.

- Site URL:

URL has a great impact on the presence of pages and content in thetop rankings of search results. In order for the site to rank better and have both good internal and external SEO, we need to use keywords in the URL of the pages and the site. Using keywords in the URL has a huge impact on indexing and ranking in the top search results. Google has stated that the first 3 to 5 words of the URL are very important, meaning that the use of keywords in these sections can be effective. The URL should be short, concise, and legible, and should be easy to remember. Do not create long, unreadable URLs.

- Text tags:

​​​​​​​ In order for text contents to be easily readable and have an improved structure, sections or tags must be used. If tags are used to segment and optimize the structure of textual content, the texts will be easy for visitors to read and can be easily indexed by search engines. Tags are H1 to H6 tags. The H1 tag is used to write the main titles, it should be noted that these tags have a special point and the search engine pays more attention to them. Therefore, you should use the keywords inside this tag so that it can be in the search results when searching. After the H1 tag is the H2 tag, which is used to insert important internal titles. The score of this tag is less than the H1 tag and the ratio of the H3 to H6 tags is higher. Using these tags to segment textual content and make it easier to read can also be effective inhaving a good internal SEO.

- Appropriate places to use keywords:

Using keywords within the text is very important, but keywords must be used in the right place to have the desired results. Before updating Google algorithms, using more keywords was effective, but after updating the newGoogle search engine algorithms, keywords should be used in the right places and in the right number. If the right number of keywords are used in the right places, Google search engine can easily identify the subject of the content and display it in the search results to users. The average number of keywords that should be used in textual content is about 2 to 5% of the total content, and the right places to use keywords are tags that have special privileges. It is better to use keywords in titles and headings or tags to be better seen by search engines.

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- Optimizing photos:

Using images within content can add to its appeal, and users are more attracted to visual content than text. Because visual content can easily convey the message to the audience in the best way. The very important point in using images is that in order tohave a good internal SEO, we must optimize the images. Image optimization is such that the Title and ALT attributes must be inserted. The ALT attribute is text that displays text instead of the image when it is not loaded or displayed.

Title is the title of the image that is displayed when the mouse is placed on the image of the subject and the title of the image. In inserting both of these features, a keyword must be written so that it is considered by search engines when searching and displayed in better results.

- Internal linking:

In addition tobacklinksand external linking, internal linking is also very important and can be effective forhaving a good SEO. Backlinks and external links link the site and pages and direct users to other sites, but as important as backlinks are, internal links are also effective. Internal links allow users to move between pages of a site and go from page to page within the same site. In addition, internal links make the pages and site live and in other words, not deadlocked. In this case, search engines can go to other pages of the site through internal links and index them to display in search results. Lack of internal links causes the site to be dead and deadlocked and transfer through links to other pages of the site is not possible and pages of other sites are not viewed. So in order for both users and search engines to have access to other pages of the site and be transferred, link building must be done.

- Responsive design of sites:

Today, with the increase in the number of people who use other smart and portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets, responsive design of sites is essential for the site to be indexed by search engines in the best way and to be in the top ranks of search results must be designed to be responsive. By updating its new algorithms, Google has announced that it pays special attention to sites that are designed to be responsive, and if a site is not designed to be responsive, it may prevent users from displaying it in the top rankings of search results. Slowly in order tohave a good SEO, site owners must design their site responsively, because a large number of users use mobile phones and tablets to visit the sites. So if someone is looking for the site to be seen by a large number of visitors and to be displayed in the top rankings of search results when indexed by Google search engine, they should design the site responsibly.

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- Increase site loading speed:

According to Google, sites that take more than 3 to 5 seconds to load will discourage users and other users will stop visiting those sites. So in order for the site and pages to be seen by visitors, it must have a high loading speed. There are many techniques and tricks to increase the speed of the site, and you can increase the loading speed of the site by changing the hosting of your site, optimizing large images and compressing various types of content while maintaining their quality. The use of bulky content and spammed links or heavy graphical structure can slow down the loading speed of the site, keep in mind that to increase the loading speed, avoid using this content.

- Increasing the duration of users' presence on the site:

After attracting and increasing the number of site visitors, the focus should be on retaining users and increasing the duration of their presence on the site. As the length of time users stay on the site, the Google search engine will think that your site and content are user-friendly and users are satisfied with your site, in which case it will consider special points for your SEO. Increasing the duration of users' presence on the site and theclick-through ratehas a great impact on the internal andexternal SEOof the site and can cause their presence in the top rankings of search results. In addition to focusing on increasing the user's presence on the site, increasing click-through rates and conversion rates should also focus on reducing bounce rates. All of these are factors that can be effective inhaving a good and strong SEO.

- Presence in social networks:

​​​​​​​ By participating in social networks and being in public, you can attract many users and convince them to visit your website. If you can have an effective presence on social networks and convince users to buy and do link building for this, you can transfer more traffic from social networks to your site.SEO will also improve with increasing site traffic.

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All the points mentioned in this article are good factors for having external or internal SEO, but note that all the points mentioned in this content are not the only effective factors and in addition there are other effective factors to have A good SEO must be observed.


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