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15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (1)

It isn’t easy these days to find someone who doesn’t like even one of the types of sausage out there. Over the course of time, sausages have evolved from a leftover meat dish to a staple dish for breakfasts and snacks all over the world.

But you should know, there are a lot of different types of sausage and they all taste good in their own way!

Based on the marination procedure, meat type, additional ingredients, cooking style, and the region — we can divide the sausages into many different types.

When it comes to cooking procedures, we can classify them as boiled, smoked, or raw. Again, if we consider the meat type, it can be pork, beef, chicken, veal, or even mutton!

But worry not, throughout this article, we’ll take you through all the popular and common sausages out there in the world. Let’s hope you can find your type of sausage from here!

15 Types of Sausage

Sausages have been a popular dish for a long while, and truth be told, there are thousands of different recipes and types of them. We have nitpicked the most common, popular, and interesting ones here for your convenience.

A significant chunk of the sausage meat comes from pork throughout the world, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of different sausage dishes that contain pork. It's time to dive through these various pork delicacies.

Bratwurst Pork Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (2)

You can already tell from the name that this is a German sausage. The term Brat refers to finely chopped meat, and wurst refers to roasted.

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Together, Bratwurst means split sausage. It is also one of the most common forms of sausages we find all over the world.

The recipes for Bratwurst vary widely from region to region. It’s one of the most common food in Germany, so there are ample ways to cook them. You just need to pick one according to your preference.

According to sources, there are around 40 different varieties of this dish. But the best Bratwurst sausage types originated in Franconia.

Butifarra Pork Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (3)

Let’s travel to Spain now, the land of food and music. The Catalan region of Spain, widely known for football, is also quite famous for its Butifarra sausage.

This very dish is based on ancient recipes dated back to the time of the Roman Empire. Butifarra types of sausage are made from different spices infused in raw pork. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to the cooking process.

Firstly, we have raw Butifarra that is basically grilled sausage. It is closest to the original recipe and the most popular one. Then there’s the premium dish, the Black Butifarra that includes boiled pork and blood.

Apart from them, there’s the Butifarra Catalana which is basically cooking the whole sausage like ham. Lastly, we have the Butifarra d’ou, a sausage dish with eggs for special occasions only.

Kurobuta Pork Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (4)

Hailing from Japan, this premium sausage is derived from Berkshire pigs that were exported to Japan from England in the 1860's. Since then, they've become a separate breed called the Japanese Kagoshima Berkshire.

Chorizo Smoked Pork Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (5)

Chorizo is a tad bit different from the usual sausages. It’s generally made from the intestines of pigs and is a trendy dish in countries like Spain, Portugal, and most other western European regions.

This method is also ancient, dated back to the Roman Empire. The preparation of Chorizo types of sausage is a tad bit hectic, as you have to cure, ferment, and then smoke it to make it edible.

In many areas of Europe, they don’t cook it, they slice the sausage and eat it with whatever types of forks they use. It is also widely used to add flavor to other dishes.

However, the most popular use of Chorizos is inside fast foods like sandwiches and burgers. You can also grill and fry it in liquids like alcohol or apple cider. If preferred, they can also be used as a pizza topping.

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Andouille Smoked Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (6)

Smokes sausages are usually cooked with the smoke that comes out from burning aromatic wood. The smoke slow-cooks the steak and makes it a delicate dish. There are many varieties of smoked sausages, both cooked and uncooked.

But we’ll be talking about two of the most common kinds of sausage here — the Andouille and the Kielbasa sausage.

This sausage is usually made from pork meat. As the name suggests, it originated from France, and then the cuisine spread through French immigrants.

The usual ingredients for this French delicacy include pork, pepper, wine, garlic, types of onions, and herbs. Add some seasoning on top of them, and the first part of your Andouille sausage is done!

Pig intestines are generally used to cover these types of sausage, and it’s seasoned with salt and cayenne pepper.

After the overall preparation, the sausage is soaked in a vinegar-water bath overnight, rinsed well, and then shaped according to your length preferences. As expected, it is then smoked to perfection.

Kielbasa Smoked Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (7)

The Polish call their sausages by the name Kielbasa. It’s considered a delicacy of Polish cuisine and is one of the most popular staple food there.

‘Kielbasa’ refers to a cylindrical-shaped sausage that is cooked through the smoke. The sausage can consist of lamb, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and veal.

You can make almost all kinds of Kielbasa at home, and recipes for this dish are available on the web. It's one of the most popular sausage varieties, for sure, and fun to try.

However, one variety is known as Kielbasa Lisiecka and you can’t find it anywhere in the world other than Poland.

This special dish has been granted PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and is one of the most famous dishes in Poland.

Fuet Boiled Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (8)

In some regions of the world, they prefer it simple. So they just take the meat, shape it into a sausage and simply boil it. In many areas, they don’t use any spices or herbs, or oil. Just healthy boiled meat with some additional sauce if needed.

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These types of boiled sausage are known as Fuet in the Catalan regions. It is another unique Catalan cuisine that includes pork meat stuffed inside pork gut.

Fuet is often seasoned with garlic and black pepper, but it is much different from Chorizo because they don’t use paprika.

Longaniza Cooked Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (9)

This here is a fully cooked sausage that is originated in Spain. It has a similar cooking procedure as Chorizo, and the taste is similar as well.

However, the ingredients differ between the two types. In Spain, they use paprika in place of Black pepper and uses nutmeg to enhance the flavor. But in the Argentine Loganiza, they use cured and dried sausages.

This dish is widely popular across South American countries as well as the Spanish regions. Even in the Philippines, this dish is famous as the Longanissa. The cooking procedure does change from one region to another, but the taste is always there!

Salami / Italian Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (10)

First things first, the types of salami that you have in America are far from the original ones they make in Italy when it comes to the making and the taste. But there's a lot of sausage varieties wrapped up under the name 'salami'.

In general, salami is a kind of cured sausage made from fermented meat. It’s a kind of pork sausage but you can make a beef salami as well.

The American version of Italian sausage includes a lot of fennel as seasoning. However, it’s not the same in Italy, as they use various products and ingredients in different sausages.

However, in America, there are two primary varieties: hot and mild. They add some red pepper flakes to make the salami hot and some sweet types of basil to make the salami mild and sweet.

Morcilla Blood Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (11)

Yes, even though it might creep a lot of people out, there are a lot of regions where they use blood alongside the sausage, which thankfully is usually found in the names of sausages.

They use the blood of birds, goats, cows, sheep, and pigs while making the sausage. The blood is either dried or cooked with filler to solidify them to go with the main dish.

Morcilla is one such blood sausage and is a ubiquitous dish in Spain. It has a lot of variants depending on the amount of blood, other ingredients, and the shapes.

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For example, the Morcilla de Burgos includes a good lot of pork blood alongside rice and onions. Again, in the Extremadura region, they serve the Morcilla dish with mashed potatoes.

There are varieties like pine-nuts, types of almonds, types of pecans, and sweeteners in the dishes of other regions for these types of sausage.


15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (12)

As the name suggests, Liverwurst are sausage types that are made from beef or pork livers, which is why some call it liver sausage. The livers are ground into a sausage and then cooked accordingly.

It doesn’t require smoking. This particular type of sausage is common in Eastern European and Scandinavian countries. Liverwurst is generally seasoned with marjoram, various types of mustard seeds, and nutmeg and then cooked accordingly.


15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (13)

As served in fast food restaurants in Scotland, haggis comes in the shape and style of a sausage after being deep freid in batter. It's typically served with chips.

It can come in burger shapes or on a platter more as a pudding than anything else. The ingredients are quite gross so I'll let you figure that one out yourself, but people like it so who am I to judge. It's definitely one of the more interesting sausage names, at least.

Sobrassada Raw Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (14)

This next type is a raw sausage coming straight from the Balearic Islands in Spain. It’s a cured sausage that doesn’t require any form of cooking.

It’s usually created using different types of spices, pork loins, and pork bacon. The two types of meat are first minced, mixed with salt, black pepper, and paprika, and then shaped in the size of a sausage. Most often than not, cayenne pepper is also added to the mixture.

Chicken Sausage

15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (15)

Chicken sausage types are a relatively new type of sausage, considering the ancient history of pork sausages. They are tasty, much more tender compared to other types of sausages and can be used in various dishes.

As nutritionists say, chicken as a staple food is much safer than red meats like beef or pork, so a chicken sausage can fulfill your cravings for a good sausage while keeping you healthy!


15 Types of Sausage to Explore & Excite Your Taste Buds - Worst Room (16)

Kiolbassa is an excellent beef sausage that is much more succulent and juicy than most other pork/chicken sausages. It's seasoned with sea salt and turbinado sugar and is a staple food to sausage lovers in America.

Types of Sausage for Every Taste

It’s no surprise that sausage is one of the most common food all over the world, with easily over 100 various types out there.

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These tasty delights have tons of different cooking procedures, and it’s only natural that we won’t be able to describe all the types of sausage, but we did cover the most common, popular, and interesting for you.

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How many different types of sausage are there? ›

In the U.S. alone, we have 200 varieties of sausage. Everyone has their favorite, but why not try them all? Here are some of the ones you might be curious about, with different recipes to help you explore.

What is the most popular type of sausage? ›

One of the most popular types of sausages, Bratwurst can be made of various meat, from pork, veal, or beef. It usually includes seasoning and spices, making it extra delicious and fragrant to eat. Whether grilled, steamed, broiled or cooked, this German sausage is a winner for many.

What are different types of sausages explain with example? ›

Fresh Sausage: made from meats that are neither cured nor smoked. They must be cooked before serving. Cooked Sausage: made from uncured meats that are cooked but not smoked. Cooked, Smoked Sausage: made from cured meats that are lightly smoked, then cooked.

What is the name of the popular pork sausage that has a spicy smoky flavor and is dark in color? ›


Chorizo is a popular type of spicy pork sausage used in Spanish and Mexican cooking. The Spanish variety is typically smoked and seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika.

What is America's favorite sausage? ›

What is the most common sausage in the US? One of the most popular sausages in the United State is breakfast sausage. It is made with pork and uses pepper and sage for seasoning.

What kind of sausage do they use at McDonald's? ›

Our sausage patties are made with British RSPCA Assured pork.

What is a good sausage to eat? ›

5 Types Of Sausage For Any Occasion
  • Kielbasa. “Kiełbasa” is the Polish word for sausage, and in Poland it can mean any kind of sausage. ...
  • Andouille. ...
  • Bratwurst. ...
  • Italian sausage. ...
  • Chorizo.

What is traditional sausage? ›

North American breakfast or country sausage is made from uncooked ground pork, breadcrumbs and salt mixed with pepper, sage, and other spices. It is widely sold in grocery stores in a large synthetic plastic casing, or in links which may have a protein casing. It is also available sold by the pound without a casing.

What sausage can I eat cold? ›

Pre-cooked sausage is safe to eat cold but it may be more appetizing warm or hot.

What is the biggest sausage? ›

The Mundare sausage is 42 feet tall and has been overlooking the small town of Mundare, Alta. since its erection nearly 20 years ago.

What is the spiciest sausage? ›

Pepper Joe's Carolina Reaper Summer Sausage – Slow Smoked Spicy Summer Sausage with World's Hottest Pepper and Premium Midwestern Meat– 12 Ounces.

What is a sausage that tastes like a hot dog? ›

Kielbasa. Tasters compared this Polish sausage to a “coarse, garlicky hot dog.” Traditionally made from all pork, most commercial kielbasa today includes beef and sometimes turkey and is seasoned with garlic, marjoram, and smoke. Kielbasa is sold fully cooked, but we like to grill it or sear it to add flavor.

What's the best beef sausage? ›

Top 50 Scanned: Beef Sausage beta
#1Beef Franks, Skinless, Bun Length Nathan's Famous140 Calories
#2Beef Franks, Skinless Nathan's Famous130 Calories
#3All American Beef & Cheese Jack Link's140 Calories
#4Beef Smoked Sausage Hillshire Farm170 Calories
46 more rows

What are the 5 racing sausages? ›

Famous Racing Sausages

Today, the five racing sausages are known as "Brat", "Polish", "Italian", "Hot Dog" and "Chorizo".

What are black sausages called? ›

Blood sausage. French blood sausage (boudin noir), before cooking. Alternative names. Blood pudding, black pudding.

What is a 6 letter type of sausage? ›

TYPE OF SAUSAGE Crossword Clue
type of sausage with 6 Letters
type of sausage with 7 Letters
25 more rows

What is the healthiest sausage to eat? ›

If you want to eat sausage often, however, consider choosing healthier types of sausage, such as those made with chicken or turkey. You can also make your own to get the freshest variety with none of the harmful additives or high-fat meat.

What is the most expensive sausage in the world? ›

LONDON, UK -- Kevin Turner, from Aldershot, Hampshire, created the world's most expensive sausage — costing $57 a link; he uses a combination of Mangalitsa pork that is the same quality the Queen of England receives, $107 truffles, $385 Stilton cheese and a 1947 vintage port that goes for $693 a bottle, according to ...

What country eats the most sausage? ›

Germany eats the most amount of sausages in the world over 27% of all sausages made. The second-largest consumer is Poland.

What do Southerners call sausage? ›

A hot link (also "red link", "Louisiana red hot" or "Louisiana hot link") is a type of sausage used in the cuisine of the Southern United States, and a part of American barbecue, soul food, and Cajun and Louisiana Creole cuisines. It is also a part of Texan cuisine and the cuisine of Chicago, Illinois.

What meat makes the best sausage? ›

The best cuts of meat for making sausages
  • Pork. Butt/Shoulder: Boneless pork butt is very common for making sausages. ...
  • Beef. Most beef cuts are perfectly fine for sausage making. ...
  • Venison. ...
  • Lamb. ...
  • Goat. ...
  • Chicken. ...
  • Rabbit.

What is Germany's favorite sausage? ›

Bratwurst. Bratwurst is likely the most popular German wurst and is made from pork, beef, marjoram, caraway, garlic, and many other spices.

What kind of sausage does Jimmy Dean use? ›

Our original premium pork fresh sausage is flavored with delicious signature seasonings. This savory, high-quality pork can be enjoyed at breakfast or even dinner.

What sausages do Wendy's use? ›

Wendy's only serves pork that is 100% Pork Quality Assurance Plus Certified. By working with certified suppliers and farmers, we ensure our partners have committed to an intensive traceability protocol, supporting our goals to track, trace, monitor and report on animal medical treatment histories.

What meat is Wendy's sausage? ›

Sausage Patty

Irish Pork (72%), Pork Fat (22%), Water, Seasoning [(Dextrose, Spices (Black Pepper, Red Chili Pepper), Sugar, Herb (Sage), Sunflower Oil, Anti-Caking Agent (E551)], Salt.

What sausage is best for smoking? ›

I've had good luck smoking Italian sausages, bangers, bratwursts, boudin blanc, chorizo, kishka, weisswurst, and breakfast sausage. Usually I use sausages that are not pre-smoked, but Polies, kielbasa, and hot dogs, which are all smoked at the factory, usually taste better with a fresh coat of smoke.

What sausage is best for fry up? ›

The Meat: Sausage and Bacon

The combination of both bacon and sausage is one of the essential elements to a full fry up. A simple pork sausage (like the banger) is ideal and the type of bacon is up to preference.

What are cheap sausages made of? ›

"Cheaper sausages also contain filler known as sausage meal, usually made of wheat or rice flour," Puharich says. "Water is then added to the sausage and absorbed by the meal, which contributes to the weight of the sausage. You're basically paying for water.

What is Italian sausage called? ›

Salami: This is a cured sausage that is fermented and air dried. This particular sausage can be stored at room temperature for up to ten years. Salami comes in many varieties that include pepperoni.

What is raw sausage called? ›

Fresh Sausage

Fresh sausages—such as breakfast links, sausage patties, Italian sausage, bratwurst, and Mexican chorizo—are made from chopped, ground, or even pureed uncooked meat.

Should sausage be refrigerated? ›

All sausages- except dry sausage - are perishable and therefore must be kept refrigerated or frozen. Uncooked fresh sausage can be stored in the refrigerator one to two days; after cooking, keep for three to four days refrigerated (40 °F or less).

What sausages don't need refrigeration? ›

Cured meats like summer sausage, pepperoni or turkey pepperoni, and salami are safe to take camping without a fridge.

Are hot dogs cooked already? ›

Although hot dogs are fully cooked, those at increased risk of foodborne illness should reheat hot dogs and luncheon meat until steaming hot before eating, due to the threat of listeriosis.

What's the thickest sausage? ›

Kielbasa is a Polish smoked sausage easily recognizable because of its U shape. Chunkier, meatier, thicker, and longer than other sausages, Kielbasa is typically made of pork (sometimes with beef) and is often loaded with garlic.

What is a bunch of sausages called? ›

Did you know that the collective noun for a group of sausages is a bundle? These facts and many more can be heard after 10am when Weekends jumps straight into the frypan to talk about all things sausage-related!

What is a German hot dog called? ›

Frankfurter Würstchen

Chances are you know frankfurter würstechen by its other monikers: Vienna sausages, wieners or franks. Or quite simply, hot dog. Yes, the ubiquitous New York street food snack is actually German.

What is Mexican sausage called? ›

Chorizo is a highly seasoned chopped or ground pork sausage used in Spanish and Mexican cuisine. Mexican chorizo is made with fresh (raw, uncooked) pork, while the Spanish version is usually smoked.

What is a red spicy sausage called? ›

A saveloy is a type of highly seasoned sausage, usually bright red, normally boiled and available in most fish and chip shops around England.

What is the most sausages eaten in 10 minutes? ›

Chestnut lost to Kobayashi in the Johnsonville World Bratwurst Eating Championship in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He ate 45 bratwurst sausages in ten minutes. Kobayashi ate 58.

What is the best hotdog sausage? ›

Don't skimp: Get the best.
  • Editor's Pick: Nathan's Famous Skinless Beef Franks. ...
  • The Umami Dog: Hebrew National Beef Franks. ...
  • The Over-the-Top Flavor Dog: Oscar Mayer Uncured Original Wieners. ...
  • The Snappiest Dog: 365 Everyday Value Organic Uncured Grass-Fed Beef Hot Dog. ...
  • The Hot Dog We'd Skip: Ball Park Classic Franks.
Jun 10, 2022

What German sausage is similar to hot dogs? ›

This sausage can be made with veal, beef or pork. The seasoning consists of coriander, nutmeg, ginger, caraway or lemon zest. Also known as 'brats', these German sausages are very popular and loved by many across the world.

What sausage does Sam's Club use for their hot dogs? ›

They are made from 100% kosher beef, with no sugar and no by-products. There are also gluten-free hot dogs and skinless varieties of beef franks available.

Is Jimmy Dean sausage beef? ›

Jimmy Dean® Pure Pork Sausage Casing Links are made with a unique, proprietary blend of seasonings and spices, using only premium USDA inspected cuts of pork with no artificial fillers or MSG to deliver the best flavor and bite.

What sausage is best for beer? ›

As a rule of thumb, lighter beers go well with lighter foods like chicken and turkey sausage. Heavier beers pair well with heartier meats like pork and beef.

What kind of sausage is Jimmy Dean? ›

Our original premium pork fresh sausage is flavored with delicious signature seasonings. This savory, high-quality pork can be enjoyed at breakfast or even dinner.

How many kinds of Italian sausage are there? ›

Italian sausage comes in two varieties: hot and sweet. Hot sausage is typically made from pork and seasoned with salt, garlic, anise seed and red pepper flakes. Sweet sausage omits the pepper flakes but is otherwise the same. These types of sausage are interchangeable; it just depends on your spice preference.

What sausage meat does McDonald's use? ›

Meat - The meat used in McDonald's sausage patties differs around the world! Pork is used in the US and Canada, and beef is used in Australia. To be honest, with the seasonings, I think many people can't tell! Pork is juicier and patties are more tender so reheats better, but I use both happily.

How long can sausage stay in freezer? ›

1-2 months

What is Southern sausage called? ›

1. Southern Andouille. Known for its spicy and smoky flavor, this coarse-grained pork sausage is a less pungent take on the traditional (and less common) French andouille.

What is tiny sausage called? ›

A chipolata (/ˌtʃɪpəˈlɑːtə/) is a type of fresh sausage, likely created in France. Sausages by that name appear in the 1903 edition of Escoffier's Le guide culinaire. Chipolatas are often prepared as a relatively thin and short sausage.

What is Alabama sausage called? ›

Conecuh sausage is available at regional and national retailers like Publix and Amazon. On many fan groups, you'll find discussions about where to buy it outside the South and shoutouts to restaurants that feature Conecuh on their menus.

What's the curly sausage called? ›

Its most distinctive feature is that, unlike other sausages, it is not linked but long and coiled. Traditional Cumberland Sausage is cylindrical in shape when at full length but the final product is coiled to produce its distinctive spiral shape.

Which country eats the most sausages? ›

What is this? Germany eats the most amount of sausages in the world over 27% of all sausages made. The second-largest consumer is Poland.

What is cured sausage called? ›

Cured sausages are what Italians call salumi and the French call charcuterie. They are sausages made fresh and then salted and air-dried for weeks or months depending on the type. The meat gets "cooked" by the salt and air (and, in a way, time).

What is the skinny Italian sausage called? ›

Barese sausage is quite different from your typical Italian sausage which is normally made with fennel. Barese sausages are finger thin, sort of like the shape and size of a breakfast sausage.

What do British call sausages? ›

Here in the UK, for instance, sausages are affectionately known as 'bangers', as in 'bangers and mash'.


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